Vulnerability continues to be a hot topic of discussion in 2022, and Acala Network has filled its name with a long list of popular hacked platforms today.

Acala Network continues to recover nearly 1.7 billion USD out of a total of more than 3 billion USD in "false printing"
Network continues to recover nearly 1.7 billion aUSD out of a total of more than 3 billion USD in "false printing"

of the Network (ACA) – aUSD, recorded a strong depeg of 99% against the dollar after the iBTC/aUSD liquidity pool vulnerability was attacked by hackers over the weekend. Initial estimates from shows that 1.2 billion aUSD has been continuously printed with no collateral required.

As a result, Acala quickly put its network into maintenance mode to freeze its funds and eventually recovered a significant portion of its funds. above. Subsequently, Acala proposed a vote and community approval to destroy the short printed aUSD in order to keep the aUSD/USD parity at 1 USD. In addition, the Acala developers said they will continue to monitor this incident to address the root of the problem.

And in the latest update on August 17, the Acala team has continued to recover an additional 1.682 billion aUSD, bringing the total amount recovered to 2.974 billion aUSD out of a total of more than 3 billion aUSD printed. This amount of 1.682 billion aUSD is also expected to be burned before the team restores its network. Meanwhile, 48 million aUSD has yet to be recovered, including the printed aUSD which has been swapped and transferred to other currencies. is different.

All the above statistics are continuously updated by Acala to the community through aUSD cash flow search data reports posted on the project's official Twitter.

Because the process of tracing the number of aUSD is swapped across many different tokens or transferred to many , other exchanges are relatively complicated and difficult, so Acala asked for the help of the community. Accordingly, if traders accidentally receive aUSD on the list that is falsely printed, it is possible to transfer the aUSD number to other addresses. , and Acala are provided below by the platform.

The next step for the Acala team is to launch a series of tracking reports that will be published detailing transaction traces for each of the 16 addresses identified in connection with the attack. The community can come together to make suggestions to solve the aUSD money printing error.