The 'blue chip' is considered by the famous cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe to have great potential. , , , and

Michaël van de Poppe discusses 5 'blue chip' altcoins on his Youtube channel
Michaël van de Poppe discusses 5 'blue chip' on my Youtube channel

The term 'blue chip' refers to financially stable companies that can be profitable even in difficult economic circumstances. In the crypto market, 'blue chip' refers to coins with a market capitalization of at least $2 billion.

Take a look at 5 'blue chip' altcoins that will trend up

In the video, Van de Poppe says altcoins are 'blue chips' Polkadot (DOT) There could be a breakout if it breaks out of the strong resistance area.

“Once it breaks through $29, it will explode,” he said. When I look at the chart, the pair's resistance level / very similar to () and () when breaking resistance and jumping up. The two rates that I am looking at are $21 and $18.”

Another 'blue chip' altcoin in Poppe's portfolio is (), a platform that helps developers build can trade and exchange data and create a decentralized network. According to Van de Poppe, It is likely to start an uptrend if it holds the $16 support.

“When we look at the ATOM/USD pair, we see it as multiple possible price points,” he commented. The first is the $16 resistance level. Everything will be great if this support level holds. The second is the $12 level, there will be no support at this price. But with the recent correction, it is very likely that we will see this price before moving further.”

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Next is the platform with pair /. According to Van de Poppe, the pair can rise more than 70% to 0.00019 ($8.98) if it breaks through the 0.00011 . resistance BTC ($5.19).

“We continue to look at .,” he said . What is the price point I see for this third coin? The answer is 0.000087 BTC ie $4.11. And that's the whole price point you should look out for if you enter .”

For the platform , the cryptocurrency expert predicts that the pair /BTC could double if it holds above key support.

“If prices are sideways, then the range to watch is 0.00021 ie $9.91 and x2 can be targeted from here on the SNX/BTC pair,” he said.

Van de Poppe's price targets for SNX/BTC are 0.00036 BTC ($16.99) and 0.00042 BTC ($19.83).

The last 'blue chip' altcoin is the foundation with pair /BTC. According to Van de Poppe, /BTC could drop before the uptrend starts.

“2 entry points are 0.00045 BTC ($21.24). This is the level I'm interested in. If we lose that point, we still have 0.00041 ($19.36).”

Van de Poppe believes that the LINK/BTC pair can bottom at 0.00041 BTC and get support at 0.00045.

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