Make to connect with Binance Smart Chain? This article will guide you to connect your wallet with BSC with just a few extremely simple steps!

Connect Metamask with Smart Chain (BSC) is probably the need of many of you who are using the BSC system today.

So how to do it? What preparation is needed to connect Metamask with Smart Chain? This article will guide you in detail!

Overview of Metamask and Binance Smart Chain

What is Metamask?

Metamask is wallet on the platform (), as well as an add-on plugin that helps you can run a Dapps right on the computer browser.

Currently, Metamask supports Chrome, FireFox, Opera and as well as mobile applications.

Advantages of Metamask wallet:

  • Easy to use, friendly interface.
  • Integrated Swap so no need to connect to other devices other, save time.
  • As a popular wallet extension, almost all new projects are automatically integrated.
  • Customizable gas fee, helping users customize the speed of transactions completed.
  • Many integrations .

What is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Is one works in tandem with Binance Chain. This is considered a blockchain clone of on Binance. It can perform smart contract creation, compatible with EVM's virtual machine . At the same time, BSC also supports Cross-Chain with Binance Chain.

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Some outstanding features on BSC:

  • As one of the ecosystems that have ranked in the top #2.
  • Backed by giant Binance.
  • Easy to attract developers because it is EVM blockchain.
  • The ability to catch trends and keep up with the market very quickly.

Besides, you can also create wallet through Coin98 Wallet an easy and convenient way to fulfill the needs when joining than.

Metamask wallet installation instructions

Metamask is now available for download on Chrome and Firefox. With the phone version, you Downloadable on iOS and Android.

This tutorial will be done on the Chrome interface, maybe slightly different on FireFox, but the steps and setup screen are exactly the same.

you Install Metamask wallet by following these basic steps:

  • Step 1: Install Metamask Add-on at
  • Step 2: Create a Metamask wallet.
  • Step 3: Login to Metamask wallet.

And this is what it looks like after you finished installing, you remember to keep it Passphrase so that you can recover in case you forget your password.

Note: Absolutely do not give Passphrase to anyone!

Connecting Metamask to Binance Smart Chain - Metamask Wallet Interface

Connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

After login, the default network of Metamask wallet will be Ethereum. You If you want to connect to BSC, follow these steps:

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Step 1: Select the account item in the upper right corner and select Settings.

Connecting Metamask to Binance Smart Chain - Settings

Step 2: In Settings, select Networks and Add Network.

Connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain - Add network

Step 3: To connect to the BSC network, you Fill in the following information:

  • Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbols:
  • Block Explorer URL:

And press the button Save.

So you completed connecting to the Binance Smart Chain network.

Switching between Blockchains on Metamask

After pressing the . button Save, Metamask's account you will automatically switch to the network you just entered as Binance Smart Chain, the interface screen will look like this.

you can choose to go to Binance Smart Chain and switch between different Blockchains.

Connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain - Blockchain Switch


With very cheap fees and fast transaction speed, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network is accelerating very strongly and attracting a lot of investors from all over the world. Ethereum.

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