Many people have left assets totaling 27 million USD on the bridge Polygon Bridge, it is possible that the "additional transaction" step has not been completed when transferring money

Users "forgot" $ 27 million on Bridge

The amount of money mentioned above is the bridge between and , where users can move assets between two chains. Accordingly, users when transferring money from to Polygon in just one simple transaction.

Conversely, to transfer money back Ethereum properly, the user needs to submit an additional transaction to claim assets from the Polygon contract Ethereum, wait approx 1 hour for Polygon to confirm the token has been "burned", then the new token will be sent to the withdrawer's address on Ethereum

Follow ZenGo wallet said on a blog post, there are more than 35,000 transfers about Ethereum over a substandard bridge. These amounts are equivalent to approximately 27 million USD, in the form of coins and , and DAI.

ZenGo Co-Founder and CTO Tal Be'ery said:

“While it's hard to imagine how one could 'forget' millions of dollars, we think it could have something to do with the fact that the additional transaction requirements and that amount cannot be claimed immediately, causing accidental abandonment of assets on the bridge.”

Polygon then decided to make a claim on behalf of a user who “forgotten” $2 million on the bridge, who sent money back to Ethereum in May but never completed the withdrawal process. about chain.

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Not all money has to be forgotten, says Polygon Chief Information Security Officer Mudit Gupta. Some may be in the process of withdrawing to Ethereum, but some may have been accidentally sent to the wallet. 

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