1inch Network continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of its product toolkit as it expands into Wallet.

1inch Network integrates KuCoin Wallet to support users to trade tokens with low cost
Built-in network Wallet supports users to trade tokens with low cost

Exchanges KuCoin has introduced a new wallet token swap function after integrating the application programming interface of the market leading liquidity aggregator platform. now is Network.

1inch's Pathfinder algorithm will further enhance the trading function of KuCoin Wallet. Pathfinder can aggregate liquidity from over 250 sources from automated and proactive market makers across the ecosystem . By connecting to liquidity sources running on nine networks 1inch will offer a diverse array of tradable asset pairs.

The partnership will also provide KuCoin Wallet users with access to the 1inch v2 v2 limit order functionality, to be executed at a pre-determined price, including includes unlimited gas orders for Ether () and request a quote on .

The head of KuCoin Wallet, Jeff Haul, emphasized that 1inch has established itself as a leader in the DeFi liquidity pooling space and that the project will significantly improve the KuCoin Wallet offering in the best direction for user:

“Swapping is a high frequency feature of wallets and 1inch is one of the most popular in the Web3 industry, so we are working together to provide a smooth and cost-effective trading experience for KuCoin users.”

In fact, KuCoin launched KuCoin Wallet in June 2002 with many ambitions to expand on DeFi, and . Function Originally powered by KuCoin's proprietary NFT marketplace Windvane. This is the first product "launched" by KuCoin after successfully raising $ 150 million previously, with a valuation of $ 10 billion.

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On the other hand, the latest development with 1inch also proves to some extent that KuCoin's business is going positively, refuting public doubts about the series of FUDs that the exchange has continuously faced in recent times.

All are related to the liquidity crisis, leading to rumors that KuCoin may block users from withdrawing. Especially the case that the floor was said to have "heavy losses" because of investment .

After all, things went so far that the CEO of KuCoin had to decide to launch an “Anti-FUD Fund” to limit similar cases in the industry. may happen in the future.

On the 1inch side, the project continues to expand its footprint across the entire DeFi ecosystem, notably marking an important partnership with Korean burgeoning blockchain company Klaytn on Jan. 09/08.

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